Escape from the Dreamlands

Three strangers wake up, covered in mud surrounded by a surreal forest of towering, gnarled trees that rise up through the dense fog. They have no idea where they are. They have no idea who they are. But they do know that something is very wrong. Enter a dark fantasy world full of mystery and intrigue as Ursa, Dee, and Lorelai confront and explore a land of unsettling whimsy to face their fears and discover who they once were, even if some things are better left forgotten.

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Episode 12 - Nose Goes

Wednesday Sep 06, 2023

Wednesday Sep 06, 2023

Now in the Abyss, our misadventurers face their first trials as they make their way through the lava. From a mirage puzzle impeding their path to safety, to some weird little guys you'll love to hate, this is one episode sure to shake things up for the party!

Monday Sep 18, 2023

Our misadventurers continue their trek through The Abyss, meet an aptly named Guide, and encounter a ferocious, mysterious stranger who might be more than he appears. Will they be undone by a plate of cookies along the way? 

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Oops, All Bits! Our misadventurers are feeling especially silly this week as they prepare to head to The Abyss -- perhaps using humor to mask the terror of the unknown. With some necessary upgrades in hand, they set off to encounter their most mystical, luminescent foe yet.

4 days ago

Lore-lovers, rejoice!  A kindly Grandma-type finally gives our misadventurers a glimpse at why they’ve been sent to the realm of Vestige, and a few rolls of the gacha game turn tragic for at least one of the party. Will they pull it together in time to take on the weapon trial?

4 days ago

A new trial for our misadventurers, and new foes abound. Will they a-quit, or be acquitted? Plus, one of the party's companions may be hiding more secrets than he's letting on. How will they survive these especially sticky situations? 

3 days ago

It's thrills, chills, and spills all the way up -- and down! Our misadventurers are on the ride of their life trying to escape The Abyss. Will this finally be the moment where one of them falls?

3 hours ago

Welcome to the Bone Zone! A truly terrifying trap in the Ominous Ossuary threatens to knock out one misadventurer just as the puzzle of their past starts to come together. Can a crafty new ally help them escape the ghouls? 


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